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Jeff imagines a world where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity, a place where people are healthier and happier because they have more control over their work and their life is more fulfilling.

Before launching out on his own, Jeff was a Lean/Agile Coach and Trainer at Adobe for nearly 6 years.  In this role, he trained and coached teams and individuals in every part of the company to find ways to deliver more customer value with less effort through applying Lean and Agile principles to their work.

Prior to Adobe, Jeff had 27 years of experience in a wide range of roles in spacecraft mission operations, software development, project management, and process improvement using models such as the CMMI®, ISO 9001, and Malcom Baldridge at Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Compaq Computers, and Cisco.

Jeff has certifications in Counseling, Project Management, and Nonprofit Organization Management, and is trained as a Co-Active Coach.  He lives in San Jose, California with his wife and daughter.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time with family, singing with a jazz band, and volunteering.


Henry Kimsey-House, Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead

“When someone is walking beside us, we have more courage to walk into the unknown and to risk the dark and messy places in our journey.”



Flying Birds

Co-Active Coaching

Get the Most out of Life

Co-Active Coaching is an experience of personal and professional development unlike other kinds of coaching. It begins by holding you as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, and completely capable of finding your own answers to whatever challenges you face. The job of a Co-Active Coach® is to ask powerful questions, listen, and empower to elicit the skills and creativity you already possess, rather than instruct or advise. Co-Active coaching uses an array of proprietary tools developed by CTI that have been proven as the gold standard over the past 20 years of the coaching profession.



I offer a variety of coaching services to help you move past the obstacles in your life. I will help you identify your personal values, strengths, and abilities in support of your personal and professional goals. Contact me to see how I can help you develop different perspectives and achieve the outcomes you’re striving for.


Intent-Based Leadership®
Coaching and Training

Create leaders at every level

Jeff imagines a work place where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity, a place where people are healthier and happier because they have more control over their work—a place where everyone is a leader. In an Intent-Based Environment it is possible for:

  • People to feel valued and proud of being a part of something bigger than themselves

  • People to know the organization’s goals and thoughtfully contribute toward their accomplishment

  • People to feel inspired, by pushing control and decision-making down the organization people take responsibility and have the authority to rise to the occasion, even during times of change

  • The organization’s success be on the shoulders of all people and not simply the “leaders”

  • Leaders to be at all levels

For more information visit intentebasedleadership.com


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